Ninja Resurrection

Ninja Resurrection flick provides cool and well made plot, but, it’s not modern. If u fed up with all the same movies in Drama genre and want to examine some other things cool and not ordinary then get our congratulations because Ninja Resurrection is before u right now! Both the director and nice actors like Tessh&#xF4, Okiayu, Martin Burke, Amber Allison are real pro and it seems they are not act but living their roles, becoming parts of their heroes. In our opinion this is one of the best of all movies of 1997. Ninja Resurrection length is 90 m where u will see a lot of unforgettable and nice scenes! Just sit more comfortable and start getting tons of delight! :-) We think that you 100% will fall in love in Ninja Resurrection film. Good luck.

  • Title: Ninja Resurrection
  • Release year: 1997
  • Movie genres: Animation; Action; Drama; Fantasy; Horror
  • Director: Yasunori Urata
  • Actors: Tessh&#xF4, Genda, Ryôtar&#xF4, Okiayu, Amber Allison, Arisa Andô, Takeshi Aono, Kinry&#xFB, Arimoto, Tom Bartling, Martin Burke, Charles Campbell, Travis Dean, Yasunori Urata
  • Movie length: 90 min.

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